Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Susquehanna Chapter
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

A non-profit membership organization devoted to preserving, studying, building, restoring, and using wooden and bark canoes, and to disseminating information about canoeing heritage in central Pennsylvania.


Our Canoes

Our members own a variety of wooden canoes, some very old and considered to be classics, and some of more recent build. Click HERE to see pictures and descriptions.

The Dugout Canoe

Native Americans living in Pennsylvania did not have access to the long sheets of bark found on birch trees farther to the north that the natives of that area used to make canoes. Instead, they had to use the trunks of large trees to make dugout canoes. Following is a description of a project to make a dugout canoe using the techniques and tools that would have been available to the early Native Americans. The Pennsylvania Dugout Canoe Project

The Rollover Duck Boat

The rollover duck boat is unique to the Susquehanna River, found primarily between Sunbury and Highspire, Pennsylvania. The boat shares many of the building techniques and designs of the wooden canoe.