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WCHA Assembly 2011 Report

September 5, 2011

TO: WCHA Susquehanna Chapter

FROM: Cindy and Craig Dunn

WCHA Assembly

Several Susquehanna chapter members and affiliates attended the WCHA assembly at Paul Smiths College in the Adirondacks in mid-July. This year's theme was Rushton Canoes, so many of the exhibits and programs focused on them.

Chapter members who attended included Joe Hosler, John Norbeck, Dana Harlan, plus Cindy and Craig Dunn.

The attendance was quite high, and as usual, there were many programs and activities, both hands-on and educational. The weather was perfect for the duration, and there was a full moon.

Approximately 80 boats participated in the paddle by. Many of us attended the special tour led by Hallie Bond (Adirondack museum's curator of boats) at the "boatel" at the Adirondacks museum. There are 364 boats in the care of the ADK Museum, and 80 are on display, with the remainder in climate controlled storage at the boatel. Very interesting!

Craig attended the chapter leaders meeting as our coordinator. Chapters are encouraged to try to recruit new members as WCHA's memberships are down this year.

A few discussions on local events took place.

Upper Chesapeake Chapter Rendezvous – Sept 10
(Contact: Bud Gillis, 410-370-0194, Email:

4-chapter WCHA mini- assembly at Gifford Pinchot state park on October 8 and 9 (Columbus Day weekend). Al and Jean Bratton are coordinating. Kurt Carr will once again present and bring a log canoe.

Next year's assembly will be on July 11-14 and will be at Paul Smith's again. The focus will be on Old Town canoes, so if you have one, get it ready! WCHA will probably continue using Paul Smiths College based on feedback from members and popularity of the location.