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January 2014 Planning Meeting

The planning meeting for the Susquehanna chapter was held on Saturday, January 18th at the Bass Pro shop. We had about 10 people there and came up with a lot of ideas for activities this year.




Wood and Canvas Canoes on the Susquehanna and the City Island Boat House: program featuring the fellow Hershey who was involved with the boathouse on City Island and who has several of the wood canvas canoes that were stored there before the 1972 flood. Late winter or early spring, probably at Camp Hill Giant, BassPro Shop or Gander Mountain.


Who does what? Howard has contacted Al Bratton for the name of the intended speaker. Cindy will in turn contact the speaker to establish a date and time. Howard will make arrangements for a meeting venue at either  Giant, Bass Pro or Gander Mountain. Meeting day details will be coordinated between Cindy, Craig and Howard once the date established.




1.     Susquehanna River pictographs: this appeared to be a top priority. It was suggested that the actual trip out to the pictographs be conducted in the morning, before temperatures become too hot, and then followed by a visit the Indian Steps Museum. It was suggested that Paul Nevin speak on the pictographs either the day of the trip or some other time.


Who does what? John Naylor, trip leader, appears to be the logical person to coordinate this activity at his discretion.


2.     Chesapeake Wooden Boat Builders School: Howard reported that he and John Naylor visited the school in November and it is certainly worthy of a group visit. Howard said that arrangements could be made to visit on a Saturday but the consensus seemed to be that a Tuesday would be preferable. It was further suggested that perhaps some of the group may want to travel down for an afternoon paddle on the Bay near the school, and have a seafood dinner locally before proceeding to the school.


Who does what? John Naylor  would contact Bud Gillis to make arrangements for a visit to the school; John would also establish a rendezvous time and location. Note: if part of the group decides travel down earlier in the day someone other than John will have to coordinate things as John may not be able to get off work early on a Tuesday.


3.     Laurel Lake with paddling instruction and picnic: a Sunday in June, July or August; paddle Laurel Lake with instruction by ACA certified canoe and kayak instructor Vern Graham, followed by a pot-luck picnic at the Cindy and Craig Dunn’s cabin. We can also tour the Appalachian Trail Museum and see the historic Folbot kayak there.


Who does what? The date would be set at the convenience of Cindy and Craig Dunn and the availability of Vern Graham. John and Howard will coordinate the details and send out an announcement. I will make arrangements for a tour of the Appalachian Trail Museum if that is desired.


4. Little Buffalo State Park      Laurel Lake with paddling instruction and picnic(near Newport, PA): Paddle 88-acre Holman Lake, tour Blue Ball Tavern Museum and Farmhouse (operated by the Perry County Historical Society), and, possibly a covered dish picnic. While the time frame was discussed for this event it may be good consider for a Fall foliage event


Who does what? Sometime in the next couple of months Howard will scout Little Buffalo State Park, and, contact the Perry County Historical Society relative to visiting the Blue Ball Tavern Museum. Then John and Howard can coordinate the event.

5.     Other suggested activities: Paddle Schuylkill River or Little Schuylkill River (Brian Bohr); Paddle on Long Pine Run Reservoir; Pinchot State Park Reservoir; Raystown Lake; Swatara Creek; Conawego Creek (east or west?)


Who does what? No plans were discussed relative to these “other suggested activities”.


6.     WCHA MINI ASSEMBLY: Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12, 2014




Possible shop sessions could include stem bending, shaping and fitting; repairing, replacing cracked ribs; making and repairing decks, thwarts; making and installing gunwales, floor racks; etc.; canvasing; painting; varnishing.


Who does what? Craig will contact John Norbeck relative to holding workshops in his barn. Howard volunteered to coordinate a stem workshop.


(Note: there was a brief discussion about the chapter restoring a canoe or building one from scratch but it was decided that the project would be too ambitious for the chapter at this juncture.)

# # #



Once the details are set for the winter/early spring educational program I will send out another issue of Cedar News as well an e-mail. Any and all other ideas are most welcome. Howard