Combined Four Chapter Event

of the


3rd Annual Gathering

Kurt Carr discusses the use of pre-historic tools to make a dugout canoe, following the same techniques that the Native Americans used.

The pre-historic tools.

John Diehl uses a fishing spear and the dugout canoe to strike a pose that will be converted to a painting of a Susquehannock Indian.

The build sheet for a 1915 Old Town Charles River canoe.

The stern of the Charles River Canoe showing the closed gunwale.

Old Town canoe with sail rigging.

Members of the Upper Chesapeake Chapter re-canvas a canoe. The canvas was clamped
and attached to two vehicles so that it could be stretched tightly over the canoe.

Susan Christie makes a kayak paddle using the techniques and tools passed on to her by her father.

Al Bratton working on a walnut canoe paddle.

Some of the paddles that Al is working on.

Fred Capinos demonstrated the art of making a stem band.

Marilyn Vogel talks about her love of canoe sailing, and how to properly rig a canoe for sailing.

Burt Martin passes on the many lessons he has learned in packing light for canoe tripping.

Mark Zalonis leads a CanoeScapes discussion exploring literature about the joy of canoeing.

Tom McCloud assembled and displayed his Linkanoe that was featured in Wood Canoe Volume 33 Number 4.

For those that can view "cross-eyed" 3D pictures, here is the beautiful Salonak.